Friday, August 30, 2013

It's Random 5 Friday

8/30/13_random friday1 photo 83013_randomfriday1_zps51d4aeb1.jpg
Please, Mom, can't we go out again?

Sometimes life doesn’t come together into one well-organized thought.  I guess that’s why Random 5 Friday was born. According to the rules on Nancy Claey’s beautiful blog, A Rural Journal, each Friday I’m supposed to share 5 random things about me, my week, my dog, anything.  Friday is almost over, but I’m not letting another week slip by without jumping into the game.

1.  Today I talked to landscapers about bringing my seriously overrun and under-performing gardens back to life.  Everything got out of control because I haven’t been able to kneel, lift, or pull much this past year.  I wanted to cry because if someone else is doing all the work, then what right have I to call myself a gardener anymore?

2.  I was desperate enough to think of stopping for a fast food hamburger for lunch this week, until I saw the drive-thru line. Really?  Why would anyone wait 20 minutes or more in 100˚ weather for that? I decided I could wait until I got home.

3.  Skyler, my dog, ran away from me this week.  You don’t realize what this means unless you know that she 16 years old and is having laser therapy on her legs and back for arthritis and I’m doing physical therapy for my arthritic knee.  And she doesn’t hear very well if I try to yell out a command.  So she went loping at a fast clip down the sidewalk because she felt good enough for a second walk after therapy that day.  Two steps after I tried to chase her down, my own knee felt searing pain.  Thank heavens her legs gave out sooner than mine so I was able to limp up to her and corral her.  We both slowly made our way home.

4.  I’m reading Lia Purpura’s beautiful collection of essays, On Looking, for my MFA class. And kicking myself.  I’ve seen many of the things she’s seen, but I’ve never written about them. Shame on me.

5.  I had a weekend of Keith Urban concerts.  Good friends, good music, and good cheesecake by my friend, Edna.  I always feel rejuvenated after a Keith Urban road trip.  Days go by . . . .

He goes even lower, but this is when I grabbed the shot
8/30/13-random friday2 photo 83013_randomfriday2_zps541d4dbc.jpg

Please tell me one random thing in your thoughts or your life recently.  Share it in the comments box then head over to A Rural Journal to see what others have shared.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why We Really Should Be Mad At You, Miley Cyrus

 photo P7150216_zps8eaaea79.jpg
Is this a young Miley in the making?
Miley, my objection to your performance on the 2013 VMA show was nothing about covering the eyes of our adolescent music fans for fear they’d become over-sexed by watching a not-quite-adult girl dance suggestively with large fuzzy bears in a cry for attention. It’s not about all the ways you found to pleasure yourself with a large foam finger. It wasn’t that you engaged in one suggestive move after another on the leg of a man almost twice your age.  For me none of that mattered compared to the ultimate sin.
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