Who I Am


I’m a Midwesterner who’s developed a desire for change as a woman reaching her midlife point with an empty nest and plenty of curiosity about the world. I still suck at French, but I’m working on it.  At least it's an excuse for my husband and me to travel to France as often as we can.  I take thousands of photos (hooray, digital cameras!) of places I travel, concerts I see, dogs and nature.  And I’m starting to write again. My goal is to keep moving in as many ways as I can until my time is up. Why don’t you join me?


Holly Michael said...

Love the blog. I'm also from Missouri. I thought I recognized Iona, Scotland in your photos. LOVED IONA!!!! Im a traveler too. Enjoying your blog!Holly

valorie grace hallinan said...

I read your bio and often feel the way you do. It would be Italy, or possibly South American, for my husband and me. Glad to have discovered your blog! http://bookscansavealife.com

Sue Baseley said...

Hi Julie,
We miss you. Maybe next year we'll be able to get to France. Would love to visit you.
Sue & Rick

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