Saturday, April 23, 2011

SheWrites Bloggers Ball

Welcome to the SheWrites Blogger Ball!

Here at my midlife I made the crazy decision that I wanted to be a writer, so I felt like I was starting from scratch trying to find my writing community.  I found random role models and teachers by following links online (hello French Word’s Kristin E) or taking some classes.  But then voilá I found the SheWrites online community of writers.  It was the difference between moving into a new neighborhood and trying to meet people one by one as they walked past your house and being invited to the huge block party and finding out you have something in common with each person there.

So I’d like to extend a big Thank You to Meg for offering an open invitation to her Blogger’s Ball.  And to some of the writers I’ve found, like Monica (who welcomed me quickly) who make me want to keep trying.  If you want to write and to commune with writers, this place is definitely one-stop shopping for poets, fiction writers, bloggers, everybody.  It will make you want to step up your game – and fast.

If you’re not a writer, keep working at whatever you love until you find a home for it.

If you're a SheWriter or just want to share a word about your newest passion, tell me about it here.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Julie!

Thank you SO much for the shout out and for including the link to my blog. I truly appreciate it and am glad we found each other on She Writes!

Deborah said...

Bonjour, Julie! Thanks for visiting my site, and let's keep in touch, what with the French and the, er, mid-life thing. I'm already following you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie!! Welcome to She Writes, and I love the photos on your blog. Your tag line is perfect. I can totally relate! =)

Elizabeth Young said...

Hi Julie, welcome to She Writes! Writing is my passion, but other things come along as well, usually in the form of some type of craft. I just did my first mosaic and am very happy with it. Guess what everyone's getting for Christmas this year? Wishing you a wonderful week, Elizabeth.

Julie Farrar said...

Thanks for the warm welcome I've found with all the new blogging friends. I can't wait to read more of your writing.

Kate said...

Hi Julie! Great to read your blog and join your pilgrimage through the next stage of life. I too and farewelling my children into adulthood and reaching out to all the things I've put off. Time seems too short for everything I love to do - travel, music, writing, brush painting, learning Italian!
I love your posts and your photos are not only very good but give an extraordinary take on the ordinary. She Writes is great isn't it??

Linny said...

This made me wish I saw more of France than just Paris!

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