Sunday, July 8, 2012

Food I May Or May Not Be Eating In France

I've been absent because I've hastily been planning a quick trip to Paris to visit a friend.  It's a rainy Sunday (wish I could send some to my family scorching in the Midwest) and it probably will rain for the whole time after such a gorgeous day yesterday.  I thought I'd give you, however, a quick tour through some of the food I encounter in Dijon.

Bon appétit!

Some of the more exotic food for the French (to be honest,
there are some Moroccan restaurants.  Haven't eaten there yet)


Asian food


The bounty that is the covered food market three days a week



Variations on the standard French salad -- lettuce with hot chevre on toast



Desserts (read about the labor that is macarons, here)


Macarons, at about $30/dozen

They garnish everything

cinnamon ice cream with a French berry I can't remember

Things I shouldn't eat

Is it a wonder American's are 3 times fatter?

Ok, you caught me, but at McDonald's they have machines for placing your order, then you step up to the counter to retrieve it

And the French version of fast food - Kebab and frites (kebab=gyro on better bread)

What's your favorite food to eat when traveling that you don't often get when at home?  And what have you been eating to survive the heat wave across the U.S.?  Talk to me about food in the comments box.


Muriel said...

Looks like you are spoilt with choice Julie...Lucky you!

Astra said...

You had me at hot chevre ...

Tami Clayton said...

The food market looks AMAZING! So jealous. I like to try whatever is the local speciality when I travel - provided it is vegetarian. In Italy, it was gelato, pastas, breads, and wine (of course). In Morocco, it was the tagines. You'll have to tell us if you try the Moroccan restaurant and what you thought of it.

Anonymous said...

The photos are fantastic, especially the pastries. Mmm, mouthwatering. I love sweets. I've never been to France, but my favorite places to visit, food-wise, has been Montreal and Quebec city (see French connotations.) There are lots of eateries there where you can self-serve your own salads, and that was my dinner or lunch every day I was there: a huge salad and a pastry or two. They make them heavenly, much better that anywhere else I've traveled so far.

Julie Farrar said...

I do think the Americans could teach the French a thing or two about salads. I haven't eaten Moroccan, but tonight in Paris we did have Indian food. My favorite part of the meal was the little pastry for dessert.

Unknown said...

Oh, I love a food log in photos (but not the El Paso burritos). Would love to hear about the ethnic restaurants you encounter in Paris.

Jenny Woolf said...

Doesnt the French stuff look a whole lot nicer than Old El Paso? But having said this, I bought a can of refried beans the other day for the first time in years and I rather liked them.
Being English I always take "proper" tea and also Marmite when I go away. However, I have to say Liptons tea is now a lot better than it used to be. It was once totally undrinkable to me. (Or maybe I have changed)

Julie Farrar said...

Ok, I'll try to remember to hit up the Moroccan restaurant in Dijon. And tell about the Indian restaurant in Paris. I do take tea many mornings because I can't resist the location of the café, which you can read about here

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