Friday, October 5, 2012

Amen To Love

Things are getting deep in here.  We’ve passed the first presidential debate and now both parties are getting as brutal as contestants on Survivor – Washington, D.C.  Before this whole thing is over, hundreds of millions of dollars will have been tossed blithely around as if we don’t have people going to bed hungry at night, or schools operating with outdated textbooks, or millions of people out of work because big companies – while increasing profits consistently – aren’t hiring.

Sometimes I just have to escape it all.  I’ve found the best refuge to be in my car driving errands every day.  The music of songwriter/singer Radney Foster soothes my soul and reminds me of what matters most in the long term.  I’ve had his songs on continuous loop as I drive.  He has the skill of all Nashville storytellers and the lyricism of a Robert Frost or Walt Whitman.  If you’re a Keith Urban fan, he’s the poet behind “Raining on Sunday.”

If you need a break from election year madness, take a few minutes to listen to someone who speaks from a clearer vision than those who make all the rules in this country.  Then go to the comments box and tell me what musical or other kind of escape to you try when the day’s news drives you crazy.

Angel Flight  

This was written as a tribute to Texas National Guardsmen who died during the Red River 44 mission in Iraq who died when their helicopter crashed.  The “Angel Flight” is the last flight that soldiers take when killed doing their duty.



Tele said...

Wow, he's great, Julie, thanks for sharing! I'm with you on your 1st paragraph - and I'm only in the 1st week back of being tuned into the news, after a 6 month reprieve!

I'm currently obsessed with 3 songs that are helping me get through:

Brandi Carlile, "Looking Out"

Medicine for the People, "Fix It"

Macklemore, "Same Love"

Thanks for the introduction to a new artist!

Nadine Feldman said...

We've canceled our cable, so we can't watch the news shows right when they happen -- this is helping me to regulate my viewing. I'm trying to keep myself occupied with other activities so I don't overdose on the Huffington Post, but some days I'm better at that than others!

Julie Farrar said...

I'll be out of the country in the last two weeks of the election. For a news junkie like me, I don't know if that's a blessing or a curse, Nadine.

Welcome home, Tele. I'll have to check out your artists.

Bella said...

Julie, I'll admit that the only news I read about the presidential election are whatever pops up in my Yahoo newsfeed. I don't think I have the stomach to ponder the amount of money that is wasted on these campaigns. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I go for a walk in the forest with Roxy. Other times, a little Back will ease the tension and restore my mental health. :)

Julie Farrar said...

yes, Bella -- dog walks put the world in perspective

Patricia said...

Watching as an impartial observer, north of the border, I completely agree with your choice. Music trumps politics any day.
Have you discovered Zaz in France? One of my faves.

Julie Farrar said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Patricia. I watch tons of videos when in France, but I've never seen any of these. I love the music.

Laura@Catharsis said...

Oh, I definitely need an escape, too. I'm so personally invested in this election, I find myself getting unnecessarily stressed out over things beyond my control. I have enough to worry about as it is. I need something as enjoyable on a loop in my car.

Julie Farrar said...

Yeah, Laura. If you're like me you spend way too much time there. I went through a very long time with Adele on loop. And Keith Urban is always a good one to fall back on.

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