Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Spring Study in Black and White

3/26/13-spring study1 photo 32613_springstudy1_zps436657a1.jpg
 Who doesn’t love a night when the streets
are quiet and the snow is fresh?

‘Tis the season of delicate pastel tulips, the sunny faces of jonquils, deep purple pansies.  But you’ll see none of that today.  I give you a study of spring in black and white, courtesy of the late-season, unexpected blizzard that hit us.  Let me start with a haiku that floated through my mind as I swept the foot of snow off my SUV and dug it out of the mountain the snowplow had piled around it.

Spring sits quietly,
anticipating its entrance.
White whispers “wait.”

I’m pretty sure neither the dogwood on the left or akousa on the right will be blooming by Easter.  The hanging basket was supposed to be filled by now with those spring pansies I mentioned above.
3/26/13-spring study2 photo 32613_springstudy2_zps94ae5be1.jpg

I love the geometric lines that are so prominent after a heavy snowfall.
3/26/13-spring study3 photo 32613_springstudy3_zpsf44d95b3.jpg
3/26/13-spring study4 photo 32613_springstudy4_zpsa2d6845b.jpg
Husband and dog taking their usual evening walk.
3/26/13-spring study5 photo 32613_springstudy5_zps84832765.jpg
I enjoyed finding the spots of color in a world of black and white.
3/26/13-spring study6 photo 32613_springstudy6_zps0bb1deb5.jpg
3/26/13-spring study7 photo 32613_springstudy7_zpsd7c324c9.jpg
The sun came out enough to melt some flakes and to give us hope that spring will come.
 3/26/13-spring study8 photo 32613_springstudy8_zpsac53e081.jpg
Has spring sprung in your area?  What do you do to survive the seasonal transition when it drags on too long?  If you’re lucky enough to live someplace where spring has arrived, what is your favorite plant or color that makes you feel winter has finally left?  Share your seasonal reactions in the comments box.
I was using this shovel to knock the heavy snow off the branches of trees and bushes so they wouldn’t break or be permanently bent to the ground.  I took aim at the higher branches and let loose.  Moved on to plan B.
3/26/13-spring study9 photo 32613_springstudy9_zps2e9b1f8a.jpg


Nadine Feldman said...

Wow! Those photos are amazing. Hope you get some great spring weather soon. March is clearly going out like a lion!

We are in the midst of a glorious springtime. My plum tree has started to bloom, the azaleas are prolific, and daffodils and tulips are up and and showing off. I've planted some new stuff in the front yard, and it's fun to watch everything wake up. Yesterday I picked up some vegetable starts from a local farm that are ready to go into the ground.

Julie Farrar said...

Ah, Nadine. You make me want to cry.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos, Julie! And the one with a shovel - oh, I'm speechless!
There is no snow in Vancouver. When we had it for two days in December, it was an EVENT. Now, everything is coming to bloom: tulips, crocuses, camellias. My allergy is also blooming. I really dislike spring.

nina said...

ABSOLUTELY gorgeous photographs!!!!!!!!!!! May I borrow a couple to attach ti an e-mail or two? They are fabulous!

Astra said...

Gorgeous! We have only just begun to see our snow melt. Though I know he's been around all winter, the cardinals are back at my feeder ... maybe a little hungrier than usual!

Julie Farrar said...

Ah, the birds. I felt so bad that I ran out of bird food before the snow came. Once it came, though, I couldn't go out to get any and I had to watch the birds go without.

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