Friday, June 7, 2013

Wordle Asks, "What's In Your Garden?"

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Since we’ve finally had two rain-free days in a row, I’ve finally been able to get out into the garden and do chores I should have done back in March.  Hence, I had little time to produce the blog topic I had intended. I’m between blooms at the moment, so instead of a gorgeous photo I’ve made a wordle picture of colors you’d see blooming in my garden throughout the seasons.

I was inspired by my WANA writing group (We Are Not Alone) to make a wordle as the theme for #wanafriday.  You can find some other more literary ones at the links below.  All very interesting.  One is very heavy on words that start with W.  Curious.

 Linda Adams

Cora Ramos 

Ellen Gregory 

Kim Griffin 

Liv Rancourt 

Janice Heck 

Do go to the comments box now and tell me everything that’s growing in your garden.


Ellen Gregory said...

I like the garden wordle -- it even looks a little floral. Nice!
In my garden, the trees have lost their leaves and everything is dying back for winter...

Cora said...

I agree with Ellen, your wordle does look like a garden-wonderful cheery words. BTW, love you black cat in the header-amazing.

J.L. Murphey said...

Very colorful and Sping-like.

Nadine Feldman said...

Cool wordle! It's a veritable word bouquet! Glad you're finally getting a bit of decent weather. It's been a crazy year for your part of the country!

We're having a good spring, and my garden is prolific with all kinds of edibles and flowers -- too many to mention. I'm out of town right now, and I'm hoping to head home to first strawberries, which were starting to ripen before we left.

Julie Farrar said...

Strawberry season -- my favorite food season of the year.

Liv Rancourt said...

There's quite a bit blooming right now. The ceanothus, yellow rhodie & my yellow shrub rose are pretty much done, but the lavender and perennial geraniums and enkianthus and climbing hydrangea and...and...and... are just getting started!

Tami Clayton said...

Buying a new house means inheriting a new garden. If I remember correctly, I believe there are various rose bushes, azaleas, three blueberry bushes (my absolute fave), and a clematis. I'll likely add some honeysuckle and jasmine vines around the back patio (also my faves) and several more blueberries before year's end.

Rabia said...

That's a lovely idea, Julie!

Kim Griffin said...

Your wordle looks like a blooming bush! How cool :)

Muriel said...

I had a rose today. I loved it! I do not have a green finger and was very pleased to see it!

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