Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thankful Thanksgiving

This creature we saw on a pre-Thanksgiving walk last year doesn't have to worry about being anyone's dinner.
This was in a protected park.

I hope all of my American readers are having (or had, if you were too busy eating turkey today) a wonderful Thanksgiving.  For those readers who don’t celebrate this holiday, select a day of your choice to count your blessings.   Here are some things for which I’m thankful this year:

Turkey – Roasted turkey, turkey gravy, turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey casserole.  It’s all good.

Health – Not everyone in my family (truth be told, most of us) is fit to compete in a triathalon – or even a 5K walking race – but we’re still here and still moving.  I say a prayer for friends who are not so lucky.

Apple pie – I know.  It’s corny.  But when I make one I’m twelve years old again and in my mom or my grandma’s kitchen learning for the first time.  I love the things that make it feel like they’re in the room with me again.

Never-ending supply of democracy – Although some days I watch the television or read the paper and wonder where it’s gone, I know it still exists here.  We occasionally might have to make a lot of noise to remind people, but at least my country is not in flames like a friend’s home country, which is trying to claim the big D for the first time.

Kids – Mine, specifically.  They’re both heading out into the world but seem happy to come home, too.  I can’t ask for much more.

Food on the table every day – I don’t ever take it for granted.  This week I delivered my church’s monthly contributions to a local food pantry, which has seen almost a 50% increase in the number of clients they serve.  While there, grade school students were enthusiastically unloading a truck full of food they had collected.  They are starting young to care about those in need.  For that I’m thankful.

Uh, sorry – I’m drawing a blank here.  Suggestions?
(editorial addendum -- after I published my husband came back with "How about 'Undying devotion of your husband?'"  Of course.  There's nothing better to add.)

Love from family and friends – It surrounds me and lifts me every day.  I try to give back and pass it on.

After you’ve recovered from mounds of mashed potatoes and heaps of whipped cream on pumpkin pie, then gear up for Small Business Saturday.  Yes, it’s another specially designated shopping day to encourage you to spend spend spend.  But this one is new and very much worth supporting (read here for reasons why it’s a good idea).  It’s scheduled for the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  On that day get out and support the small, local businessperson.  He pays local taxes, doesn’t ask for kickbacks or tax relief from the city council before he opens his door, and spends his profits locally instead of shipping them off to national headquarters someplace else.

On Saturday visit a shop that sells what is unique and personal.  Eat at a one-of-a-kind local restaurant instead of a chain.  Pay full price for a book at a homegrown bookstore.  Support the businesses that give our communities their personalities.  Let them know that you are glad that they chose your neighborhood to set up shop.  I know that on Saturday I’ll stop by my massage/yoga studio to check out the new bamboo socks and handmade soap.  Maybe I’ll get a massive breakfast at a local diner.  Maybe I’ll end the day watching a movie at a theater not owned by national chains, where the popcorn really is popped as you wait and they stand outside the door with a tray of candy to offer you one final treat before you hit the cold night air.

Happy Thanksgiving.  I’m off to bake that pie.

My flash is bigger than yours, my nephew bragged last Thanksgiving.
To see what he creates with it, visit one of his many websites (click here)

I hope your holiday is filled with family and good cheer.  Pick a letter and share with us in the comments box what you’re thankful for and/or how you’ll support Small Business Saturday.  And, if you have any ideas, please tell me what you’d put for “U.”

When you finish here, you can click here to read about my Thanksgiving in France.  Finding a turkey in November there wasn’t the only problem.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Brenda said...

Clearly, I am late and I am thankful. My letter is B - I am thankful my life is bountiful. It gets manic but I try to remember to breathe.

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