Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I Read -- Lots of Award-Winning Stuff That You Should Read, Too

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Sometimes good things happen when you’re not paying attention.  People give you little presents “just because.”  It’s kind of like finding a $10 bill in the pocket of your jeans that didn’t get destroyed when you threw that pair in the washing machine without checking first.  Or a car departs a street parking space right as you arrive so you can pull straight in and not have to try to parallel park your big-ass SUV.  And there’s still time left on the meter.

Such is the kind of surprise I found as I recovered from surgery and finally got back to my computer.  I had a message that my new, wonderfully witty blogosphere friend, Laura, had left me an award on her blog Catharsis: Not Your Average Mommy Blog (believe it!).  She graced me with the 7 X 7 Link Award.  The award gives you a chance to follow me down memory lane, reading or rereading seven of my posts that I think deserve tiny little awards of their own.  Then the excitement ramps up several notches as I fulfill the award requirement of pointing you toward seven blogs that will just make your day – maybe even your week!

If this award show were on television, now is when the overproduced musical interlude would fill seven painful minutes of your life that you would never get back.  But I believe in keeping it simple, so without further ado the winners are:

1) Most Beautiful Post – The writing may not be perfectly poetic but the subject is beautiful (with the pictures to prove it).  It was written at the beginning of my illustrious blogging career when only my sisters and somebody who got lost when googling recipes for strawberry pie read it.  Enjoy my Strawberry Ode.

2)  Most Popular Post – I know that it had the most comments not because it was the best writing but because I was taking part in a blogging challenge and others in the event came over to read it.  However, I’m proud of how the challenge pushed me to try my hand at poetry with Imago Populi, Imago Dei.

3)  Most Controversial Post – I can’t say that anything I’ve written has warranted an extreme range of opinions in the comments box.  Maybe I’ll try for that more in the future.  However, in the spirit of the category, find out why One Must Agitate.


4)  Most Helpful Post – I wish I didn’t have so much experience in this regard, but I offer lots of good tips on how to avoid becoming Down and Out in Paris.

5)  Most Surprisingly Successful Post – Although I’ve been doing the blog for a couple of years, I’ve only very recently learned how to gather and interpret all kinds of statistics regarding traffic for each post.  Imagine my shock when I found that The Joys of Flying Solo had received over 1000 views!  The comments, however, nowhere near that.  I guess it just goes to show that those little key words you see listed at the end of a post really do matter in search engines.

6)  Most Underrated Post – I think it’s worth another look.  If you’re in the mood for some Serendipity, give it a go.

7)  Most Prizeworthy Post --  Have you ever done battle with the disembodied voice of your GPS – in French?  Come with me on a ride through the French countryside in Tournez à Droite.

Here is a list of blogs I think deserve their own award.  They give me pause, give me a laugh, give me pleasure every week.  So give them all some love by clicking on them, reading, commenting.

Annie Off Leash – Observations about mid-life transition that sounds too familiar.

One Sister’s Rant – Adventures of Bella and her adorable dog, Roxy, with lots of laughs thrown in for good measure.  If you click on the link you’ll be taken to a bit of reality that can leave you rolling on the floor (literally).

An Improbable Life – Becky Green Aaronson tells fascinating background stories for her photojournalist husband’s luscious photos from around the world.

Turning the Page – Stacy Green has a bit of humor about the world, a few thoughts about writing, and my favorite, Thriller Thursday, where she uses her writing specialty of the supernatural to explore real people and events in the category of the macabre, violent crimes, and tales of the supernatural.

For the purposes of this award I’m really supposed to give you seven of my favorite blogs.  But I’m too radical for that.  I flaunt rules at every turn.  So instead of finishing out the list I’m going to turn my job over to you (no, it’s not late and I’m not too tired).  In the comments box post a link to a blog that you want us to fall in love with.  Open our eyes to an undiscovered gem.  And I would love it if you clicked on my own posts, above, and left your thoughts there as well.

I humbly accept this bouquet in recognition of my exciting award


Laura@Catharsis said...

Great blogs, Julie. I also recommend visiting and Two funny ladies.

Candice Coghill aka The Kindly Hermudgeon said...

Julie, congrats! I love this award and particularly the post that resulted from it :) I probably should be shot at dawn for my 2 recommendations because they're both for male bloggers, but with good reason. Each has a large following. 1. Brain Rants: Brain (we're on a first name basis now) is an Army officer who blogs about a large variety of subjects. I first found him when he became "Freshly Pressed" -- a Wordpress honor -- with his post entitled "Burrito Rage." One warning: his language is at times a bit salty. 2. Dr. Cranquis' Assorted Mumblings and Gripes: His Cranquisness is an American physician who works at an Urgent Care clinic. I first found him when I was being paranoid one night and did a Google search. He posts about medical stuff (especially weird and/or funny things his patients do and say), but also a variety of other things. Keep up the great work here, GF ! Candice (She Writes)

Annie Boreson said...

Congratulations on your award...and I'm glad you are getting better from your surgery. Also, thank you so much for mentioning my name with that lovely group of bloggers! What a treat!

If I was going to mention a blog that I like very much it would be The Girlfriend Mom ( Of course I will give you ample warning...the post you will probably wind up on is called "Orgasms. Which one are you?" If you have a chance watch her video where she makes a spoof on her rising fame and reach for stardom. It's 14 minutes but I laughed my way through it.

Thanks again, Julie. I appreciate the shout out and I will read your posts...I especially like to read the one that the author found to be most underrated. It's usually quite telling of the writing that the author is most proud.

Bella said...

Julie, imagine my surprise and delight, when I click on your blog to read your post and see you've mentioned my blog! Thank you, lady! I am tickled pink and little Roxy is over the moon to have been showcased as well! And yes, I'll have you know we both did a victory dance! hee hee! We are indeed grateful. I definitely have to click on the posts you've mentioned as well as visit the other blogs you've recommended. My suggestions would include: On the Alberta/Montana Border
Diane is a wonderfully talented writer that will either have you in stitches or pondering life's circumstances.
The other one I discovered recently but loved from the start! It's Musings by an ND Domer's Mom.
Debbie is a witty, talented author who's not afraid to write how she feels about certain subjects.

Finally, I recommend The Dust Bunny Chronicles.
If you want to read good humor done right, Astra's your girl!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I found you through traveling through Arindam's blog who was nominated by one of your nominees. Love that - don't you. I have bookmarked several of your posts to read and think this blog looks very interesting. Enjoy the holidays!

Jodi Aman said...

I love the blogs you mention, too, but wanted to add one . She makes me laugh. Also makes me laugh, too. Laughter is the best medicine!

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