Thursday, July 15, 2010

Selections from a French Life

selections french life
Everyone goes to market on Tuesdays

-- I saw a man wearing a yellow straw skimmer with a black band having tea.  He had a very distinctive mole on the side of his face.

-- Walking home from dinner late one night I saw three men lift a small car and detach it from the large trash truck that had hooked it when trying to maneuver a tight corner on a narrow street.  Everyone went back to dinner without a further word.

-- Just because it’s beef bourguignon and it’s served in Burgundy, FR doesn’t make it always good.

-- Hallelujah! Coke Zero is everywhere here.  What’s up with the US?  They make it; why don’t they sell it?

-- My Blackberry is actually getting 3G internet service here.  In St. Louis I can’t even get a good phone connection in my living room.

-- The French must have their bread!  Bastille Day, everything closed except a few boulangeries for the early part of the day.  Line is outside the door and down the sidewalk at mine.  Exiting at various times: lady with small dog, lady with large dog, old man with three large baguettes (hey, where’s the party!), young man on roller skates.

-- The French make a very clear distinction between cocks and hens.  It is coq au vin NOT poulet au vin.

-- The French need a second revolution, or at least a nationwide strike, to improve public toilets.  You would think the country that houses the treasures of the Louvre would see the beauty in clean public toilets with porcelain thrones, not holes in the ground.

-- I truly enjoy having sun-dried laundry.  I don’t care if anyone sees my undies hanging on the line in my window.

-- If the French can grow the most succulent and beautiful fruits and vegetables you’ve ever seen, why do they only serve green beans or a few romaine leaves with an anemic sliced tomato with the meal?

-- I finished lunch at a brasserie and then sat there reading the paper and writing until the “happy hour” crowd started arriving.  A cup of tea will get you a table all day if you want it.

-- Sunday brunch with croissants and quiche and champagne in France brings you one step closer to heaven.  Especially if the gratin pomme de terre is clearly made with heavy cream and gruyère cheese.  And it’s eaten in a walled garden with a gurgling fountain.

selections fr. life
A mountain of haricot verts

Market stop

What truths or observations have you come across in the past week?  Share your thoughts or comments here


Unknown said...

There is beauty in St. Louis right now too. I am enjoying the fruits and flowers of your garden while you are away. Popping them like candy, the cherry tomatoes just burst in my mouth squirting juices everywhich way. The peppers are multiplying like rabbits and the zinnias are the brightest bursts of orange, fushia, magenta, and yellow. The ever diligent squirrels got in one day (over the top of the fencing) but I managed to bend the parts back together. Enjoy today, the Other Melinda!

Julie Farrar said...

Oh, your description makes me want to be back in St. Louis right now. Brad and I were wondering how the garden was doing. And what about the sunflowers -- "tournesol" in French (turn to the sun) -- are they blooming yet?

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