Saturday, February 11, 2012

In Case You Missed It -- A Weekend Roundup

On this snowy day I feel like visiting the green on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.  How about you?

For your weekend reading and viewing pleasure, here are several bits of wit, wisdom, and whimsy that you might have missed during the week.  So put another log on the fire this snowy day and enjoy.

If you are currently single and have had it up to your earlobes with the Hallmark holiday, aka Valentine’s Day, then this poem by Kristen Lamb is meant for you.  Read it before the next treacle-y Kay’s Jeweler commercial makes you go postal.  Then buy your own heart-shaped box of chocolates and celebrate your strong, good self.

Bob Mayer always has great advice for writers.  I never knew about the rule of 7.  Read this to find out what else you need to do to keep from being invisible on the internet.

“Love Yourself” is a good theme to consider as we head toward a day that has convinced us that we’re nobody until somebody loves us and gives us a heart-shaped diamond necklace.  Brenda Moguez and Kristen Lamb inspire us to accept who we are by teaching us where to look for our strengths and that we are not our thighs, no matter how many shots of Victoria Secret models make us believe that.

And for a bit of attitude read Becky Green Aaronson’s take on what holds us back, how she learned that it’s not excuses that help us climb that mountain.  Read Tami Clayton, too.  She reminds us that by living in the moment we can work ourselves into a state of gratitude, even when everything seems to be going in the wrong direction.

Finally, you have to watch this video that Julie Kenner found for us.  Even if you’re not a writer or artist, you’ve encountered some a$$hat in your life who has blocked your vision or creative energy with his extreme a$$hatness.  At least by watching this frightenly hilarious video you can reap some vicarious revenge.

Thanks to all who read my scribbles this week.  Pop into the comments box to share with us the best thing that happened to you in the last seven days, or the worst.  Or comment on anything these other fine bloggers offered up for thought.
Okay, I admit that I need a haircut.  But don't worry.  I have an appointment scheduled this week.


Lee I said...

Just when I thought I had my internet browsing done for the morning and time to get with the chores, here you are with a bunch more things to read. Not sure whether to say Nuts! or Thank you.

By the way, the link to Bob Mayer is wrong... it goes to Kristen Lamb's poem. I want to see his 7 rules!

Julie Farrar said...

Link corrected. Thanks for the heads up, Lee.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for these, Julie, and have I told you lately how much I enjoy your internet presence? From the sincere introspection, like your MLK Day post, to your generosity in sharing others' relevant work, like here, your voice is a delight. (Also, your last photo/caption almost made me spit my morning tea onto the screen!)

Julie Farrar said...

Thanks so much for reading, Tele. I enjoy your blog so much as well. I love being taken into an environment I'd never experience other than through words.

Anonymous said...

AH! You had me at "Isle of Skye" and brought it home with the heery coo.

I miss Scotland. Wah.

Awesome post!

Julie Farrar said...

Emmie, I want to do that trip all over again -- and then some. Haven't seen Glasgow or Inverness or the island with the puffins.

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