Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yikes! Google Friend Connect Is Disappearing!

The T-shirt says "Hiding our head in the sand has never prevented us from being kicked in the ass."
I don't know that it relates to my post, but I like it.

Just a quick post for my readers who may have subscribed to my blog via Google Friend Connect.  Google is killing the GFC widget for non-Blogger websites.  I believe it happens March 1.  You can read about this move here.  Considering how many people use it, I don’t understand why there were no fireworks lighting up the sky over this.  They are probably trying to force all the Google+ hold-outs to migrate over to their new social media site.  However, you won’t see me trying to master yet another way to make “friends” until no options remain.

Although GFC is still functioning on Blogger blogs (that’s me, folks!), I’ve not found any good information to explain how this change works, what it means if I signed up to a WordPress blog through GFC, or how long before they kill it for Blogger.  For example, will I no longer be getting notifications of new posts from WP blogs?  If non-Blogger readers don’t see this alert before Mar. 1 will they never read me again?  My head hurts.  I’m too old for these whiplash technology changes.  I need much dark chocolate.

If you blog, make sure you have multiple ways for people to register.

If you are one of those trendy people on Google+, just to the right you’ll see a button to click so you can add me to a circle or something (I’ve not yet visited the dark forests of G+ so I’m not sure how that works).

For my readers who signed up via GFC through some profile other than blogger, click on my orange RSS feed button so you can keep the posts coming through your reader of choice.

If you prefer, you can sign up to receive the posts directly in your e-mail.

I’m on Twitter @Julie_Farrar and you can find me on Facebook here.

I’m looking at some new connection sites that seem as easy as GFC, so I might add another method.  For now I thank you for reading.

If you have any information to share about this, please educate us all in the comments box.  Otherwise, tell us about the best T-shirt saying you've ever seen.

I hope all my GFC subscribers don't fall off the cliff like these sheep in Scotland


Patricia Caviglia said...

Thanks for the heads up Julie!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why they're getting rid of it, but I heard that they were trying to phase everyone over to g+. I have a feedburner email thing for those who don't use GFC, but I'm a little worried anyway.

Lee I said...

Oh,oh. I'd better take a picture of who all is on my Blogger reading list so I'll know if they disappear.

Julie Farrar said...

I hadn't thought of that, Lee. Hope it's not too late.

samantha stacia said...

Its all so ridiculous! Thanks for telling us what you could find out,I think from now on Ill just leave all the apps alone for blogging and make it just do your email if you want to know when I ost and thats it! Getting tired of always having to relearn everything. I signed up for g+ way back and never went there-same for goodreads which eventually Ill have to learn I suppose but theres some rebel in me and dont plan on encouraging google anymore.

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