Friday, June 8, 2012

Paris Taco Trucks and The Secret To Great Writing

Here are bits of this and that I’ve found during this time when I’m not writing but preparing to travel:

As you may recall, the #1 thing I always miss while in France is Mexican food.  It appears that someone heard my distress call and if I’m willing to travel a couple of hundred miles my longing can be satisfied by good ol’ American food trucks.  Apparently when everyone was distracted by all the sex scandals and economic recession in France, some Americans snuck in and convinced a few Paris hipsters that not all food needs to be eaten sitting down while using a knife and fork.  Now they’re off and running with juicy hamburgers, tacos, non-French cheese, and queso sauce.  The young people who line up for these culinary anomalies want to eat standing up at food stands, just like they see everyone doing in the American cop shows that play on French television.  Vive le Mexican!

So my dream of opening a Taco Bell franchise in Dijon and then retiring at my chateau in a few years is not too far off the mark.  I better get started on the paperwork this summer, because it is possible in France to die before all your paperwork for ANYTHING is completed.  Maybe I should locate it next to the Pizza Hut.

For those who want the secret to writing, literary court jester Chuck Wendig has finally agreed to reveal what has made him a successful author.  (I’m pretty sure this formula will work for many other endeavors.)

Or you might decide to attempt to prepare the fabulous recipe for creative success by the always-creative Becky Green Aaronson.  I love Step 3:
Season to taste using the textures of your soul. If your creation is bland, add a pinch of spice, a pound of raw emotion and one additional cup of grit. Blend vigorously until flavor is sublime.

Or maybe it will just be easier to sit back and update my New Year’s resolutions like Brenda Moquez has done.  She gives us “[a] suitable list of alternative resolutions written for a body in motion, a body flawed, a body cracked in places, a body that soars on the page but sometimes hesitates in the mirror, for the body with a heart that is sometimes tentative, and for the body that houses a passion to big to be contained.”

Spend your weekend visiting the writings of all these people who have been immensely creative while I’ve been fruitlessly fussing over how many tank tops to take vs. shirts with sleeves and obsessing endlessly over the long-range forecast for Dijon on Meteo France (so far, it looks like another rainy, cold summer.  Will I never get to wear my new summer sandals?!)

If I don’t post again before I leave next week, then you’ll be seeing me as soon as I figure out how to make the internet work in my apartment.  À bientôt.

Are you a food truck fan?  If so, where and what do you eat? (I love Portland.)  How have you been particularly creative lately?  Please share with us in the comments box any wisdom you’ve gained from your efforts.  And if you’ve revisited any New Year’s resolutions lately, let us in on them.


Haven on Hanover said...

There are several food trucks in Richmond, Virginia that have taken this cuisine to new heights and are often found with long lines at lunchtime. Gone are the "roach coach" days of old. Sorry to hear about the weather forecast for this summer. I won't mind leaving the heat of a Virginia summer behind but, rain? Ugh! Say it ain't so!!

Anne B Wright said...

Not about taco trucks, but about your graphic, "the secret to writing". It is incredibly funny, and I printed it to post next to my computer! Have a great summer in France.

Nadine Feldman said...

Have a great and safe journey to France! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear your latest impressions!

Anonymous said...

I wana see a picture of that taco truck in Paris! Have a fun trip and take lots of pictures.

Julie Farrar said...

If I get to Paris, I'll definitely look for the food trucks. As for Chuck Wendig's graphic, it came in handy yesterday because I was telling a friend that I had writing projects I wanted to get moving while in France. She asked "How do you write? How does one get a book done?" And I told her you have one small image, then you do this" and read her the quote. Easy-peasy. Then I gave her the quote about just bleeding onto the page every day, etc.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I am so happy to hear there are taco trucks in Paris.

It'll be hard for this Latina from Southern California to go without good Mexican food for a month, while I'm in Paris this September.

Do the French markets sell pinto or black beans? Cotija cheese? or other products to make your own Mexican food?

Julie Farrar said...

I have added your question to my list of blog topics. Maybe I need to explore ethnic food in Dijon (I love the kebabs and Italian). I was thinking of trying the mediterranean restaurants this time. Alas, I've never seen a bag of Kraft Shredded Mexican cheese. I'll report back later. Would Spanish food do, because they have a lot of immigrants from Spain?

Cora said...

Loved the blog links you shared. You answered all my questions with the secret to writing. Thanks:)

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