Monday, May 14, 2012

My 10 Favorite Photos of France and Photo Tips

The cheapest and most memorable souvenir that I bring back from any trip is a camera filled with photographs.  I wish I had time to take lessons and improve.  And I wish I could use a DSLR, but my neck, shoulder, and rotator cuff problems just won’t allow me to carry the weight of all that equipment.  So I do the best I can with what I have.

My summer excursion to France is fast approaching, so you’ll be hearing more about that in upcoming weeks.  Today, however, is about looking back.  Here are just 10 of my favorite photos that capture the flavor of France for me.  Who knows – I might do a Part 2 since I didn’t even reach the end of my collection when I stopped at ten.

I always try to have a photo theme to carry me through the summer and open my eyes in a new way – dogs, cats, graffiti, gates, etc.  The theme for this summer hasn’t been set yet.  Perhaps the alphabet.  Who knows?  But traveling with the camera does open my mind to new perspectives on a place.

The fountain in the main square of Dijon comes up out of the ground.  On a hot summer night it becomes the community swimming hole for infants, dogs, grandmothers, teens on skateboards.

The City of Lights from the top of Notre Dame.
Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris – it begs you to sit a spell.
France is full of window whimsy.  This one was in Beaune.
I love that their dogs are everywhere.
And so begins the morning ritual of scrubbing down the front of a Dijon chocolate shop.  It’s as pristine outside as it is inside.
More window whimsy in France, this time for a chocolate shop.
This is what fresh strawberries are supposed to look like.  The next time you hit the supermarket notice how much or how little red you see when you slice one open.
I believe they call this color “peach.”
One can never have too many red geraniums, n’est ce pas? 

Make your own souvenirs.  Here are some sites with helpful travel photography tips:

-- National Geographic tells you how to find the good pictures that define a place.

-- What subjects you should think about photographing

-- Taking family vacation photos that document the family as well as the place

-- Easy-to-use technical advice

So tell us, where are you off to this summer?  What’s your favorite souvenir to bring back from your travels?  Do you have any suggestions for a photo theme I can use this year in France? Any photo tips? Share all in the comments box.


Tami Clayton said...

Gorgeous photos, Julie! I especially love the one with the strawberries and peaches. Perhaps I am hungry... :)

Nadine Feldman said...

Beautiful, beautiful. You've really captured the essence of France with these photos. THANK YOU!

Rossandra said...

These are gorgeous, well chosen! I too especially like the one with the dog, well, because that's how it should be everywhere.

Unknown said...

Your captions are so clever. Thanks for the links to the how to's. In September I'll spend a month in Normandy area and Paris. Looking forward to loading up my camera.

Anonymous said...

Marvelous photos!
My favorite: chocolates lounging in chairs. I wouldn't be able to resist such a display.

Julie Farrar said...

Believe me, Olga, I don't. This particular store, however, is where I go to buy chocolaty desserts. When I want bon bons I go to the store that has the young lady scrubbing the front of the building.

Babette said...

Love them all..they make me smile.

Cora said...

Wonderful pictures. I love them all. Geraniums are a favorite of mine, so easy to grow and propagate and so colorful.

Julie Farrar said...

You know, Cora, I was never much of a geranium fan until I went to France. I'm more of a native wildflower kind of gardener. But I fell in love with them -- so simple yet they add so much to the urban landscape. Now I do window planters of them every year, but more a salmon color than red because of the rest of my garden colors.

Anonymous said...

Love your captions. Picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, but I am a believer in CAPTIONS.
As a theme, how about "traffic signs" - be interesting to see the french versions as well as how the "universal" emblems work out...

Stobby said...

Great Photos. The first one....holy hilarious!

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