Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Beautiful Night For Baseball

Busch Stadium in St. Louis

As a delayed Mother’s Day present my kids took me to the ballpark.  A perfect night.

Temperature in the low 70’s at Busch Stadium.

A sea of red in the stands.

St. Louis Cardinals 6, San Diego Padres 3

3 homeruns by the World Champion Cards.

Hotdogs and cotton candy.

What team or teams have you followed since childhood?  Tell me a sports memory in the comments box.



Susi Nonnemacher said...

I love baseball, especially live!! :-) I have always been a Phillies fan, but my husband has won me over (a bit) and I usually root for the Red Sox, too--as long as they arent playing the Phillies!! I also have season tickets to the Phillies' Triple-A team, the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. :-)

Julie Farrar said...

My daughter was at school in Boston and someone gave her a Red Sox hat. She just couldn't wear it, she said.

Lee I said...

The Los Angeles Angels of the Pacific Coast Leagu were my team until I went way off to college. Then there were the years of isolation through college and young motherhood, living in places where I didn't set down roots. When we moved back to California, it was to San Diego and it was easy to become a Padres fan. Now that I'm in Northern California, I root for the SF Giants, except when they play the Padres. I've kind of lost enthusiasm for sports in recent years.

Julie Farrar said...

Yeah, I don't obsess over baseball like I used to. I didn't even watch every pitch of the World Series with bated breath.

ladymoxie said...

As a kid, we always spent our birthdays at Royal's games. Though after the 89 series they weren't as good, but we still kept up the pilgrimage for tradition sake (and hot dogs!)

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