Monday, May 21, 2012

Warmth - haiku from Ashland, Ohio


Sun shines down on all;
Rays embrace each small creature –
Love sizzles and burns.

The Blogathon challenge for today was to write a haiku.  My small offering came from the hot colors in the stained class on the chapel of the Brethren Church, with which Ashland University is affiliated.

In a day or two I’ll give you a good list of books I bet you haven’t read, but let’s talk reading today, too.  Do you write or do you read poetry?  Who’s your favorite poet?  If you’re not a poetry person, what’s your favorite kind of writing to read when you want to connect with the world around you or escape it? Please share in the comments box.


Kim Griffin said...

Great Haiku! I wrote one when I did the blogathon a while back :)

I used to write poetry as a teen ~ pretty dismal stuff, lol. Haven't written any since (except for the recent haiku.)

It's good exercise for the brain!

Sara Walpert Foster said...

I haven't written poetry in awhile. My kids do though and I am always amazed by the intensity of what comes through when you only have a few words to express something. Love your haiku and the stained glass at the church. Lately, loving Billy Collins.

Mike Schulenberg said...

It is widely known
That I love a good haiku
Awesome job, Julie

Tina Fariss Barbour said...

I love reading poetry. Mary Oliver is my absolute favorite poet and second-favorite writer. Reading her poems is a spiritual exercise for me.

I used to write a lot of poetry, but I stopped about 15 years ago. I am fascinated with haiku and I think it is a wonderful way to work with language.

The stained glass window is stunning. I am fascinated by stained glass windows that are really mandalas.

Liv Rancourt said...

We should all probably work more on haiku, simply to practice writing as concisely as possible. You did a good job, Julie.

Julie Farrar said...

I did find it to be a good brain exercise. No way can I produce them as quickly as Mike did. When I get home from the road tomorrow I hope to read every one from the Blogathon.

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