Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Sublime and Ridiculous

5/6/12-Sunday sublime1
Super Moon, 5/5/12 10:35 p.m.

Last night's Super Moon was so breathtaking that I truly wished I could have teleported to some ideal viewing spot besides in my front yard gazing over the electric lines.  I rarely manage to see any sky phenomena, such as eclipses, extra-bright planets, etc.  It either rains on that particular night, or the event happens at 3 a.m. and I really need my sleep, or it happens in Australia but not St. Louis.  However, this happened right as I was taking my dog out one last time before going to bed.  Fabulous!

And now here are some less sublime graphics my friends shared on Facebook.  Hope you find one to give you a smile.

Anybody feel like dancin’? 
5/6/12-Sunday sublime2 

Big Parent Win
5/6/12-Sunday sublime3

A Dose of Reality  
This one felt relevant this week because the women in my sewing group started talking about lotions and related skin care.  One women said that about 20 years ago or so she saw and Oil of Olay commercial and said, “I think maybe I should try that.”  Her son answered, “Oh Mom, it’s too late for that.”  Aren’t children adorable? Not.
 5/6/12-Sunday sublime4

No Comment
5/6/12-Sunday sublime5

Did you get to see the Super Moon this weekend?  Did you know you were seeing it when you looked up Saturday night?  Are you the kind of person who finds all the funnies to post on Facebook or are you (like me) the kind who’s only capable of laughing and hitting the “share” button.  Do some sharing in the comments box and tell us the most sublime or ridiculous thing that happened to you this week.   


Tami Clayton said...

Missed the super moon last night :( but I love the Shakespeare hokey pokey! Hilarious!

Lee I said...

Loved the texting one. I share, rather than find, on FB. But maybe they're all shares. Who creates this stuff???

Julie Farrar said...

I wonder that, too, Lee. Except for those Somecards (or something like that) I'd have no idea where to start looking for this material.

And Tami, the Shakespeare is my favorite, too. It reminded me that I used to write parodies using the Bible, Shakespeare, 19th century poets, etc. all the time when I was an undergrad. Now it seems too much like work. But I should get back to it.

hmcmullin said...

It cleared off in the east last night in time for us to see the super moon - it was beautiful. I'm one of those who usually shares rather than finds, because I have a lot of FB friends who go hunting for all this stuff and share.

Muriel said...

No super moon in London, too many clouds & rain to see anything...I love the text messages. I will have to try it with my daughter, she never replies.

Julie Farrar said...

I'm not above a little blackmail, Muriel. When my kids were in high school if they didn't respond to my calls or texts I threatened to call the phone carrier and have texting capabilities switch off on their phones. And I did more than once.

Nadine Feldman said...

The moon was fabulous! I haven't looked at my pics yet...hope I got some good ones!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that moon incredible? Beautiful photo!

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