Friday, May 11, 2012

5 Blogathon Blogs That Will Rock Your Weekend

Give a hand to these bloggers

The weekend is upon us and the WordCount Blogathon has been going on less than two weeks.  In that short time, however, I’ve found so much interesting writing.  It covers the range of my interests – gardening, cooking, travel, midlife, writing and more.  Some days I have to tell myself to stop reading other people’s blogs and get to writing my own.  I wanted to share some of my new favorites with you today.

Visit these and be kind enough to leave each of them a comment.  Spread blog love wherever you go.

Since I’m having large amounts of my yard dug up this week and space being made for some flowers instead of weeds and stumps, I was very much attracted to the lovely garden photos on Cristina Santiestevan’s Outlaw Garden blog.  Why “outlaw”?  Because she’s flouting Homeowner Association rules and planting vegetables in her front yard.  Shhh, keep it on the down low.

Rossandra White takes me traveling all over the world every week.  One post we’re in Africa, another we’re in England, another back in the States.  She just finished an A-Z blogging challenge that she managed to fill with animals I had never heard of.  Check her archives to find out what a quagga is.

I’m a sucker for any blog that has a quotation by linguist Benjamin Lee Whorf in its header.  In a former life half of my professional life was taken up with linguistics, teaching it to English education majors and researching script theory in semantics.  Until this week it never occurred to me that linguists would do something as pedestrian as blog.  However, Aleksandra Milcic Radovanovic is one who not only writes about theories and the business of translating but also about more poetic topics about language such as cultural references in translation.  Read and learn.

I was first attracted to Dona Bumgarner’s blog because of it’s title, Aubergine: Musings of a Midlife Mama.  Since “aubergine” is the French word for “eggplant” I thought it was a French cooking blog because I hadn’t read the tagline yet.  But then I read her post on things she said she’d never do as a parent and I knew she had so much more than recipes for eggplant parmesan.

Jennifer Walker has mastered the art of blog titles and taglines: My Morning Chocolate: Delicious Inspiration for People Who Wake Up Thinking About Food.  That pretty much describes me.  Her photos look good enough to eat, but her posts are not just for foodies.  Whoever thought that cookbook writers had to think about voice in their writing?

There you have it. This should be enough good writing to fill your weekend.  If you’ve recently found any blogs or websites that you think are the greatest thing since homemade raspberry jam on toast, leave a link in the comments box. 


Lee I said...

Okay, so I've spent the entire day reading blogs and have yet to enter a bunch of bills in my checkbook!
Thanks for some good ones here.
The linguistic one is more technical than I want to follow all the time, but I'm interested in the topic. A novel about translation that I enjoyed is Vanina Marsot's Foreign Tongue: A Novel of Life & Love in Paris.

I'll try a couple of the others more regularly I think.

Laura@Catharsis said...

I am also definitely someone who wakes up thinking about food,so that last blog sounds right up my alley! In fact, I'm so depressed right now that my dog got into and ate my clam chowder, I need some inspiration for something equally as satisfying immediately.

Julie Farrar said...

Ah, Laura. I know what it's like to look forward to a food and have it gone like that. After all, I raised a son. I had to hide anything I didn't want him to eat. It wasn't enough to say "don't."

Jen @ My Morning Chocolate said...

Julie, thanks so much for the mention! I love that the Blogathon introduces us to so many new blogs (and bloggers!). I enjoy reading the daily Google Groups emails about people's posts because we all write about such varied topics. I think I'm going to check out Rossandra's travel blog first - that sounds like a good fit for me.

Rossandra said...

Julie, you are too kind! Thanks so very much for the mention. I needed that after missing a posting yesterday (death of a friend, my words suddenly looked so meaningless). Onward and upward!

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