Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Belated Wordle Day

As part of Michelle Rafter's Blogathon Challenge we were supposed to turn a blog post into a Wordle creation.  It was supposed to happen on Monday, Memorial Day.  However, I wanted a real Memorial Day photo and post for the day, so here is yesterday's post re-imagined in the colors of summer.  I hope your holiday was grand.

I went swimming at my sister's on Monday.  Leave me a note in the comments box about the fun things you did for the holiday.


Lee I said...

The Wordle guy warned that Wordle doesn't like IE. I tried to Wordle a blog yesterday and it just kept churning and churning so I gave up. This morning, a Wordle tab automatically loaded in IE along with Facebook, which is what I was trying to open. The Wordle tab duplicated the FB page and once I'd clicked on it, even to delete, it froze IE. I had to Restore to a Prior time to get rid of this phenomenon. I'm disappointed, as I wanted to do a Wordle without downloading another browser. Now I'm scared to try.

Julie Farrar said...

And this is one more reason why I don't like technology. For example, my blog functions better on one browser than another. And so on with all of these problems. However, I do find Firefox to be more reliable than browsers I've used in the past. It doesn't seem to be tied to a particular operating system (e.g., safari for mac or ie for pc).

Wordles are fun. I did one later for my blog URL and was surprised by what was prominent in the picture.

Lee I said...

Generally, I like IE. Be sure you keep all the security updates for IE up-to-date, since it is part of your operating system. I've used Firefox in the past and it annoyed me, but maybe I'll download it and try Wordle in it.

Babette said...

We are out of the country, where there is no Memorial Day...it was work work work as usual.


Julie Farrar said...

Holiday or no holiday, Barb, it's always a good day to Wordle.

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