Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hats Off To Summer - A Photo Essay

Going to market in Dijon, FR

Now is the time to pull out the gardening hat.  A wide-brimmed one is better than sunglasses because you can carry your shade tree around with you as you push cart after cart of compost and mulch.  With a generous dollop of sunscreen it protects against nasty melanoma, even if it does give you “hat hair.”  And it’s the one hat that everyone seems to look good in.  If you want to wear one but can’t decide, you need to know what hat fits what kind of face.  Simple, right?

Everyone has put away their Easter bonnets by now, but I’m also thinking hats because there was a grand parade of them down in Louisville this weekend.  It’s a little late for Kentucky Derby Day, but in homage to this past weekend event and all the upcoming gardening still to do, here’s a photo essay of hats of all sizes shapes and colors to welcome in the summer.
In Dijon, FR during the summer, you rarely see a child without a hat.
The parents are almost obsessive about this protection in all weather.


I’m not sure what kind of girl guide uniform this is that I saw in Lyon.
 I’m braver than when I took this and would now ask them to what group they belonged.

Dijon has at least three hat shops.  The windows are always so lovely, but I rarely see any women
wearing these around town.  I like it in sepia because the idea of a hat shop seems so quaint and antiquated.

Even the men have their shop.

When the mother of a friend passed away, he asked me to take photos of some of  the
dozens of hats she had owned and worn faithfully.

A young girl and her hat, by Auguste Rodin (the Rodin museum in Paris).

Topping off the central statue in Place François Rude, named after the Dijonnaise sculptor.
This poor fellow is frequently the focus of many jokes like this.


And a tip of the hat to these recent blogs:

How many of you have eaten fry bread (I raise my hand with enthusiasm)?  Jody Lea Stewart gives the history of this Native American staple.  Eat it with some cinnamon.

 Speaking of gardening, Cristina Santiestevan,  harvests photographs as well as vegetables in her post.  Makes me sorry I decided not to plant my vegetable garden this summer.

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And what a great post!  You have to read it!  Katie Morell thinks that some people have an exclamation point addiction.  Ain’t that the truth?! :)

Are you a hat wearer?  What was your most favorite hat? Tell us in the comments box your own hat history, gardening story, or Kentucky Derby story – or anything else that sets us up for summer.


Tina Fariss Barbour said...

I love the photos, especially the window full of hats. Thank you for sharing.

I rarely wear hats. My mother made me wear hats and rain scarfs (the plastic kind) when I was a little girl, and I think it had an adverse effect on me. LOL

Scrollwork said...

I adore hats, even though it's rare to find one that actually flatters my pointy face shape.

Your photos are enchanting. The one of your friend's mother's hats is moving.

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